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Sometimes it’s just three words

calendar on table with flowers

Photo: Kaboompics

I was just on a simple search for a new calendar.

In reading through the first 44 days of Bob Goff’s devotional, Live in Grace. Walk in Love. the Lord has been teaching me a lot about the practical love He calls us to live on this faith journey with Him.

Can a life-change be as simple as a new calendar? I wasn’t expecting that until I found my new calendar and then the next morning read Bob’s words:

“What are the people around you hungry for in their lives?”

His question was based on the powerful story of the disciples instructing Jesus to excuse the hungry crowds to get food and His unexpected response in Luke 9:

“You feed them.”

Sometimes three Words are all He gives, and all we need, for a life change.

Back to the calendar search. In recent years, my go-to calendar has been my cell phone. It’s quick and always available. But I hadn’t developed a system for note-taking on it, so I decided to try a paper calendar for 2020.

I was looking for one that offered two features: the month at a glance and lined space for daily entries. After looking for a couple weeks, I resigned myself to one of those unattractive, large desktop calendars. So I stopped yesterday at a local office store to lay down my $18 for a utilitarian, but unattractive, version. “Let beauty go,” I told myself.

But what I found was beautiful: speckled white with a gold spiral-binding, simply titled: Twenty-Twenty

I grabbed it without even checking the price. I knew this was the one! What I didn’t know was the Lord would show me how to use it the next day.

I shared the calendar and my goal -- to write daily activities in advance -- with my wise, 95-year-old Mom. Her immediate response: “Yes, Honey, we always need a reason to get out of bed!”

This morning, as I read about considering the hunger of those in my life, I got ideas about how to love them in some very practical ways. So I opened my new calendar and wrote their names on certain days.

I’m praying this new calendar will become my Finish Line… the steps I take AFTER I hear God’s Whisper.

2020 calendar

I printed my Walk in Love Day 44 journal entry and glanced over where I’d prayed for a new calendar. Ah, another great reason to write out my “Daily Dialogues” with Jesus… and then periodically read them again. I can easily watch Him answer prayer and see my days blend into one God-ordained life.

Pull up a chair and sit still

woman reading journal

Photo: Alina Vilchenko from Pexels

Has God shown you a way to blend your desire and direction into action? Mine might be as simple as a new calendar that fits my style.

Our wise God promises guidance. Where do you need His Next Steps about loving others in your life?

Thanks for sitting still with me today.

Email me your thoughts or pop in to say "hi."  

I'd love to hear from you!

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