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Renewing your mind in a season of challenge

Where do we find the guidance, and honestly, the power to change our lives for the better?

God says, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” and invites us on a journey of change where newness happens. AND He tells us how it can take place.

Psalm 119:130 says: “The unfolding of your words give light.”

Whether you’ve known Jesus for a long time or you are new on this faith walk, come sit still with me for a few minutes and I’ll share four fun experiences I’ve had recently that have helped me along on this journey towards a new and better mindset. They’ve each “unfolded” God’s Words to me, and in the revealing, light has come.

I think you’ll enjoy them too!

Coloring Scripture

Coloring slows me down to consider truth, not in a flash, but on a slow and gentle walk, and it has become very popular for adults in recent years. Here’s a book I’ve enjoyed coloring the past few months: The Psalms in Color.

Psalms in Color

You can get your own copy here

Because Jesus Bible Journaling

If you’re blessed with artistic talents that go beyond a coloring book, I invite you to Monica Bauer’s delightful teaching videos: Because Jesus Bible Journaling.” You’ll get lost in the hundreds of inspiring ideas she shares on YouTube for expressing creativity in your devotions.

Because Jesus Bible Journaling

Click the image to watch the video on YouTube

Listen to the Bible

If you enjoy listening to something uplifting as you take a walk or exercise or spend time in your car, you might enjoy a recommendation from a friend who introduced me to British actor David Suchet. His wonderfully rich English accent will carry you away as he reads whole books of the Bible with no interruptions. You can find him on YouTube and Amazon.

Bible read by David Suchet

David Suchet on YouTube

Click the images to find the Bible read by David Suchet on Amazon and his reading of the Book of Mark on YouTube

Sticky Notes

Do you appreciate something gripping in a few short phrases? Visit my friend, Julie Nolta’s Facebook page for her regular “Sticky Notes.” You might find yourself making your own to refer to as you go about your day.

Sticky note for the day

Click to view more sticky notes on Julie's personal Facebook page

Will you join me in this challenging season of frustration, pain and fear as we become changed into women of faith and hope and peace by the transforming of our minds?

Sitting Still

After you’ve spent some quiet moments in stillness unfolding God’s Words, I’d love you to shoot me an email about how God is shedding new light for you.

Have you read a good book, watched an inspiring video series, or discovered another new-for-you way to hear God speak?

Email me about it this week! And let me know if I have permission to share it in my newsletter with others who are also taking a little time to Sit Still.

P.S. Please use the subject “Sitting Still” when you email me. I don’t want to miss your note!


Thanks for sitting still with me today.

Email me your thoughts or pop in to say "hi."  

I'd love to hear from you!

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