On searching for Jesus

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A couple months ago I purchased subscription drops for my eyes that are growing weary way before their time. That’s my opinion, anyway. The expensive drops come in small vials.

Last week I finished one vial and reached for another - - confidently going to the place I keep the few meds I occasionally take. Not there. I began my search, and oh, how I searched! Finally, I gave up, called the doctor and ordered more, knowing how these would cost.

After the call, I sat quietly in a favorite chair and asked God if He’d do me a big favor. I had spoken my SOS prayers as I looked. But this time, I simply stilled myself and asked for an image, a visual of where these needed drops might be. And it happened! A picture of my refrigerator flashed across my mind.

Yes, there they were ~ tucked behind the pickles and salad dressing. (This was my first time to purchase medicine that needed refrigeration.)

Are you willing to search for lost items of value? Valuable because of their significance or valuable because of their cost? Perhaps both.

Have you ever had to search for Jesus?

This week at our weekly Bible Journaling group, I shared two places I can nearly always count on meeting Jesus. Early morning at my computer with my Bible open. And in the shower where I first realized as a young mom, that I could capture a moment of alone time.

Yesterday afternoon, I felt an unusual distance from Jesus. As I climbed in bed that night, I felt God’s nudge to meet Him for breakfast at one of my favorite little hideaways. I woke early, giving me plenty of time to open my Bible and enter a dialogue with God before leaving.

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I’ve been hanging out in Luke the past few days. Taking it slowly, trying to picture both the close-up and the wide angle view of the story, attempting to enter the story as well as see it from heaven’s perspective.

Luke 2 tells the story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus taking a journey:

“Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Passover Festival.

When Jesus was twelve years old, they attended the festival as usual.”

This is where the plot thickens. When it was over, they headed back to Nazareth. After a day’s travel, they realized Jesus wasn’t among their friends and family as they had assumed. So they turned around and headed back.

Mary and Joseph had lost something – someone – of great value and they were on the search! “Frantic,” is the way Luke describes Mary. No doubt much more than the day I lost my eye drops.

“Three days later they discovered him in the temple.” THREE DAYS LATER. Can you even imagine the angst in the heart of these parents who knew they were responsible for raising the Son of God?

They found Jesus calmly sitting in the Temple – teaching, listening, asking questions.

Jesus’ response to his Mother’s frantic was a head-scratcher.

“Why did you need to search?” he asked. “Didn’t you know that I must be in my Father’s house?”

My take-away from this familiar story today… Sometimes we need to search for Jesus.

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There are places where I have consistently met Jesus through the years. Places I have grabbed a book, my journal, and planted myself for a few hours to learn and listen. Out of curiosity, I wondered how many local places I have hung out where I count on a personal two-way dialogue with Jesus. Ten came to mind.

I’m headed to one of those now.

Sitting Still

Have you discovered places where Jesus consistently speaks to you – right there in the Sacred Ordinary of life? You might want to go on the search.


Thanks for sitting still with me today.

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