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Never at a loss

Candle light

God is never at a loss.

He’s not puzzled, baffled, bewildered, or confused about anything. He doesn’t need time to think things over or do more research or consider other opinions before making a decision. He never has to correct course, retract a statement, or apologize for mistakes He has made. God is infinitely wise, able to see the end from the beginning, and He always knows exactly what to do. No problem can stump Him. No difficulty can defeat Him. Because God is infinitely loving, powerful and wise, we can trust Him.

I read these words by Ann Spangler in her book Praying the Attributes. God Always Knows What To Do - - that’s the chapter title. And I pause to read the words again, then one more time out loud, then again more slowly.

Because when you are in a state of wondering what to do, nothing washes calm over the soul like the assurance that this One who understands you best and loves you most – knows exactly where you are, what you need, and how to nudge you ahead.

gift of a new book

I love gifting myself a new book.

I don’t like shopping… in general. I admit it. I can walk right past a clothing boutique, antique store, jewelry window, or home and garden extravaganza without a whit of self-control required.


Photo: Suzy Hazelwood

But when it comes to a bookstore – well, it’s a magnetic pull. Fortunately for me, I live within minutes of two bookstores. One is a Christian bookstore with an entry table of revolving sales. Because of the frequent turnover, I’m “forced” to drop by often.

The hardcover book by Ann, marked down from $19.99 to $5.00, caught my attention. A quick glance at some chapter titles drew me in immediately:

God is Better Than You Think

God is Bigger Than You Think

God is Not Moody

God is Never Surprised

God Leans toward Compassion

God Is Better than Anyone You Know

My current hunger to know my next step led me quickly to rationalize how easily I can spend $5.00 on a chai with only a little pause at the expense. So how could I go wrong with this purchase?

This morning I came to God open-hearted and open-handed. What would He whisper to me today? But my own wandering fully occupied my thoughts: a ministry I love seems to be bending away from the familiar, and I desperately want to know what to do. So I courageously brought all of me to all of Him and confessed my angst about not knowing my part.

Bible and journal

That’s when He reminded me of yesterday’s purchase – a book all about Him. WISDOM. That’s what I need today.

God is never at a loss.

When I imagine Jesus’ time walking on the soil He created, I place myself alongside John, Peter and James, the ones closest to Him. The One who knows exactly what to do is the One whose company and wisdom I seek today.

Ann quotes Proverbs 2:1-11 on the second page and challengers her readers to note the verbs in the first five verses. I turn back and underline: listen, treasure, turn, concentrate, cry out, ask, search, seek. And in the margin I write: “Gaining wisdom requires spiritual muscle!”

I leave this precious stillness with the Lord not yet sure about the outcome. But I have marching orders – verbs for my journey. And for today, that is gratefully and joyfully enough.

We grow in wisdom as we forsake our desire to control things and instead trust in God,

who alone can always achieve the most perfect ends by the most perfect means.

- Ann Spangler

TO CONSIDER: What do you want to know more about God today? His wisdom? His omnipotence? His love? His faithfulness? Maybe you’d like to step into a Christian bookstore for help in discovering.


Thanks for sitting still with me today.

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