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Live in Grace. Walk in Love.

Is it possible to recommend a book after just two pages of reading?

Apparently so.

I’m always on the search for my favorite authors’ books on sale. Because, well, I love to share them. I love holding real books, bending the corners, writing in the margins.

bookshelves in sunlight

I’m also an admitted fan of brick and mortar stores -- especially bookstores. I really, really want them to survive. I like walking through the aisles reading titles; my daughter tipped me off to this fun pastime.

I live two minutes away from two great stores in Eugene: Barnes and Noble and Rainbow West Christian Supply. It was at this second store where I bumped into a new book by my friend/author (admittedly the friendship is one-sided), Bob Goff. His new book is Live in Grace. Walk in Love. It’s a devotional which means I’m purchasing outside my normal genre.

Live in Grace. Walk in Love.

When I first met Jesus, my pastor suggested I read “The Daily Bread” each day and then pray. The practice took hold for a year. After that, on and off, devotional books have been part of my practice but not in recent years. I know it sounds prideful, but they began to sound similar to each other and I found myself doing more critiquing than growing.

But Bob’s first book, Love Does, was fascinating. I’ll share that another time. So I was intrigued to see where he’d take me day-after-day.

Both Grace and Love are topics that tug at the heart. I’ve spent much time basking in God’s amazing grace, with my natural bent believing it was my works that most pleased God, not my faith.

But loving others -- well, that takes more effort for me. Bob doesn’t seem to make many allowances to ignore the “Love your neighbor as yourself” part of Christ-following.

Each day begins with a Scripture, follows with a personal story and concludes with a compelling question. The questions grip me, because they don’t seem to let go without an answer.

Maybe you’ll find this book irresistible after just two pages, as I have, when you hear the page-ending questions:

DAY 1. What habits and rhythms do you need to practice to help you naturally experience God’s grace in your life?

DAY 2. Who do you need to focus your love toward today?

I think you’ll like Bob’s book which is why I’m willing to step out on a limb and suggest it to you after just two pages.

Pull up a chair and sit still

stack of books and journals

Grace AND Love. Like me, do you find one easier to dip into and live out than another? Rather than choosing one, I encourage you to join me in sitting at Jesus feet and listening. Where do you most need His help to do both every day?


Thanks for sitting still with me today.

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