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It isn’t the lack of Windex

woman looking out window at city view

It isn’t a lack of Windex that prevents a clear view out my large picture windows – to admire the beauty that both shouts and whispers for my attention. No, I have plenty of Windex.

With the spring sunshine now a nearly daily event, I saw my windows are dirtier that I realized. So while picking up bread and bananas, I searched the long Safeway aisle for Windex. Time to clean, I tell myself.

I’ll admit I’m not at observer by nature. That means I sometimes don’t see what is right in front of me. But if you aren’t made that way, YOU would have probably noticed you already had Windex in your cleaning closet. (Let me be honest - - it’s also under my sink in the kitchen and both bathrooms.) Yes, I had Windex. Four bottles of Windex!

On another level… it isn’t for lack of Bibles that I can instead hunt for something else when I feel an emptiness in my soul.

Oh, yes, I have more Bibles than I have Windex bottles. I could explain so many reasons why I search for - -whatever - - when what I really need is the intimacy of meeting the Lord in Truth.

Sometimes it’s as simple as remembering my “cleaning product” is close and effective.

Is it any wonder that the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119, elevates God’s Word as a source of freedom for us?

Words that are alive and powerful, that are comfort and encouragement when our souls cast down, that are inspiration when we lose hope, and give words to our sighs of disappointment and bursts of praise.

“Keep me from lying to myself;

give me the privilege of knowing your instructions.”

(verse 29)

“Turn my eyes from worthless things

and give me life through your word."

(verse 37)

“I long to obey your commandments!

Renew my life with your goodness.”

(verse 40)

Yes, sometimes I forget that what I really need is His Word whispering Truth through the Holy Spirit. Maybe, like me, you just need to reach for the Holy Word and start reading.

Or maybe, you want an even deeper dive? Are you wanting to see if God is really able to meet you “in this place, in this very moment? “

I’m excited to invite you to a time of retreat – a place where STILLNESS is my promise to you.

"Be still and know that I am God."

Before signing up, maybe you'd like just a taste of one of our retreats. You can join us at New Hope Eugene on Tuesday, May 16, at 6:30 pm for “A Taste of Stillness.” We’ll give you the space and the tools to settle in and settle down for a bit. No cost, no registration. Just show up.

If you want more than an evening, we have that, too!

If you are eager to find STILLNESS – some hours of uninterrupted time with Jesus and some guidance about how to find him, what to do when you are alone, how to deal with distractions and more – sign up for our October 26-27 “Dare to Be Still” retreat.

It includes one night in Mt. Angel, Oregon, and stories of my journey as I learned to leave the demands of my life and enter into His precious presence.

If you have been to a retreat I’ve led in the past – either “Sacred Solitude” or the renamed “Dare to Be Still” – please come again!

We have planned a special DARE just for you. What’s the difference? Two nights… which so many alumni have requested. Plus a special guest or two! It’s July 12-14 in Mt. Angel.

Space is limited for both retreats. You’ll discover a beautiful quiet location where you’ll have a room to yourself and space to wander. Registration will be available on the website in the next week or so.

Pull up a chair - - Sitting Still

window seat with pillows and a book

Maybe you’d like to join me in refusing to blame your lack of Windex (or God’s absence) and instead, take the opportunity to pick up your Bible and intentionally pursue God in the stillness in a corner of your own home and at a retreat built for just that purpose.

I hope to see you May 16th for a Taste of Stillness and at a Dare to Be Still retreat!


Thanks for sitting still with me today.

Email me your thoughts or pop in to say "hi."  

I'd love to hear from you!

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