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How does Jesus see YOU?

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Photo: Juhasz Imre from Pexels

The community saw a dishonest tax collector when they looked at Levi, as we learn in Luke 5. But when Jesus looked at him, He saw not a thief, but a man with a pen, a man who would go on to become His disciple and an author, Matthew.

And He needed that man and his pen. Jesus had a plan for him because He had a story that needed to be told. So the Lord called him, and he came.

While the world saw a thief, Jesus saw a future disciple and a man with a pen.

How does Jesus see you?

A friend recently challenged our Bible Journaling group to list five adjectives that describe how Jesus sees us. Then imagine how those descriptive words could be played out in the coming days.

Who did God create you to be and how can you act that out? With the Holy Spirit as your guide, swing wide the door of your imagination.

Are you a teacher? How about sharing a Bible truth on Facebook with a friend or a writing a letter to a child?

Are you an encourager? What about a phone call to an isolated family member or neighbor?

Are you merciful? Could you make a card for someone in a closed facility?

Are you a server? Consider dropping off a homemade meal at a nurse’s front door.

Are you motivated by compassion? What if you established a daily time of prayer for the lonely, sick or grief-stricken?

Are you a musician? Consider grabbing your guitar and knocking on the window of someone shut inside, reminding her in song that God is near.

“Fear is the misuse of our imaginations,” says Pastor Wayne Cordeiro. Our imagination can carry our fear into a place of stagnation. Or it just might extend our boundaries of love.

Pull up a chair and sit still

Our Creator gifted us and gave us an imagination to be used by Him – even today, even in these harsh times.

The tax collector Levi turned into Matthew, a story-teller of eternal truths, by picking up his pen and doing what God made him to do.

What has God given you? It’s a new place and time, but you are still you.


Thanks for sitting still with me today.

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