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Hitting Pause to change your life

pausing to consider

Photo: dife88 from Pixabay

Here’s a different thought about our time in God’s Word. What if we put a pause on overview learning? What if we slowed way down to consider one powerful truth until it sunk into the depths of us before we moved on?

Years ago my life was transformed when I paused on Psalm 23:1:

“Because the Lord is my Shepherd,

I have everything I need.”

I wrote out my dialogues with God for nine months on this one theme: I have needs, and I have a Good Shepherd standing ready to meet them. My life has never been the same.

And now I find myself in the middle of another pause. Oh, it’s a different topic, but it’s been 74 straight days. I’m beginning to feel different and it’s coming from the inside out. The topic is LOVE. If you’ve been reading my blog recently, maybe you’ve noticed the repetition.

On love’s theme, something unexpected sprung up in me recently. I think it came because of repetition. It came because I have paused on one topic long enough to see change, hopefully lasting change.

I am reading and journaling my way through Bob Goff’s Live in Grace. Walk in Love. Bob applauds intentions even more than success.

Recently I did the same. The idea surprised me but something about the action rang true in my spirit. In short, I attended my grandson’s basketball game.

As a 7th grader he is skilled at shooting, fast at running and aggressive at defense. Isaiah fouled out. And since he was born with a strong sense of justice, I was eager to see how he’d handle what looked like a questionable call.

He ran off the court with with his head in his hands feeling the depth of his frustration. But minutes later he was back into the game cheering for his teammates from the bench.

I sent him a gift and card in the mail, “celebrating the wonderful man you are becoming.” Maybe one day he’ll remember this as a way to keep the main thing the main thing, as the saying ones. I hope so. I hope it sparks a thought in this very competitive and loving boy that winning isn’t everything.

For me, God whispered, “Celebrate what’s really important in your grandchildren’s lives – not just their victories but, even more, their character.”

I can honestly say, I don’t think this simple action would have occurred to me if I hadn’t spent the past 74 days pausing to learn about love. It’s exciting to see growth in the children I love. It’s also exciting to see growth in me.

I praise God for slowing me down on this sometimes very challenging topic of loving others as He does. I need all the rest of this year, at least, without changing topics -- I know that for sure.

Pull up a chair and sit still

winter park bench

Photo: ankanpankan71 from Pixabay

Have you considered pausing on one Biblical truth long enough to see a difference deep in your soul?

If you lean toward reading large portions of Scripture at a time, go ahead and keep that up, too. Maybe once a week or once a month, you might think about circling back to that one place where you long for God’s transforming power to show up.

Perhaps a weekend dedicated to one topic is a method you might consider. We have a place and time for you. Please consider joining me at “Dare to Be Still” – a retreat designed for pausing without interruptions and inviting God to transform you.

I’ll bring topics, but whatever God places on your heart during the stillness is the place you can celebrate the joy of growing to become more like Him.

Our Dare to Be Still will only be offered once in 2020, and May 2-3 is your opportunity to step away from the distractions and the rush. “Permission to Ponder” is the way Tracy Balzer describes it.

May might feel far away, but we need your registration by March 1 to guarantee your private, oceanview room. I hope you’ll come, and bring a friend, to take a much-needed rest.

And thanks for sitting still with me today. :-)

Thanks for sitting still with me today.

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