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A lesson from silence

a lesson from silence

I came to the Word this morning, but God was silent.

I have an expectation that He will always speak to me. That if I quiet my heart, focus my thoughts and read long enough, that ah-ha moment will come. And I can begin to dialogue with the Lord about some new insight from this Book of eternal truths.

I moved from book to book among the 66. I even went off script and read from some of my favorite Bible teachers. But it’s been three hours… and still nothing.

Then I felt God’s nudge, “You speak to me first,” He seemed to say.

So I pulled out my Grateful Journal. I hadn’t numbered any thanks to Him for a couple weeks. Maybe He, too, was waiting to hear

Silence can be a powerful teacher.

As I began listing His gifts, giving them both numbers and specific descriptions, I began to feel His presence. Yes, God has the right to ask me to speak as He listens. After all, He does say:

“Pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances.”

I Thessalonians 5:17-18

And I wrote 21 ways God has shown His love to me. As I glanced back to the passage, I realized one verse back – I Thessalonians 5:16 – had happened to me.

“Be joyful always.”

God knew I needed to stop searching for more this morning. I needed to pause, reflect and give thanks for gifts received. Ann Voskamp calls it the “continual conversation. God whispers His love and we murmur our thanks.”

grateful heart

Photo: Carl Attard

TO CONSIDER: Is it your turn to begin the conversation with God? He says we enter His courts with thanksgiving. Perhaps numbering some gifts will crack the door for you today.


Thanks for sitting still with me today.

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