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A fragrant legacy

“It smells like Grandma,” one grandchild says to another as we pull swimming towels out of the dryer and head to the pool. I thought of my own Grandma and her Dove hand soap and fresh-baked bread.

fragrant towels

What fragrance am I leaving for my grandchildren, Lord? One worth remembering? One worth copying?

A friend recently said to me: “You are in the legacy season of your life. What really matters to you now is the important stuff.”

He understands my heart. He was referring to my passion, my calling: to lift women to God – through journaling, mentoring, retreats… whatever.

But today God whispered a different version to me. Legacy, yes. But this time much more personal – about my character. I saw something in one of my precious grandchildren that may cause obstacles throughout her life. I gently mentioned it to her parent – my child – who responded in agreement and admitted the same challenge.

I realize it all started with me. A flaw, a weakness… perhaps not exactly a sin – but certainly a struggle. Because I had not mastered it before parenting – it affected my child – and then my grandchild. I feel sad about this.

As I sit quietly before the Lord, I wonder: It is too late for me – too late for them?

I ask the Lord for insight and grace as I open His Word in search for both wisdom and hope. I’d love to pass on a story of victory to these I love so much.

And the Lord gives me this:

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me."

- Phil. 4:13

I pause. I pray. And I lean into the Lord who promises His strength to do all things. I can pray for these two who have inherited my poor modeling. And for myself – the one who started it all. God gives me hope that we can all finish differently. And I take the first step…

“There is no replacement for simple obedience."

- Amy Parks


Thanks for sitting still with me today.

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